Estação robotica de solda
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Estação robotica de solda

Solda à Laser

Principais características
Estável e de confiança
Plataforma de trabalho flexível
Sistema de controle especial
Proteção de segurança.
Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group has devoted to the research of laser welding, cutting and cladding, which has accumulated wide application experience in laser self-fusible welding, laser wire filling, laser arc composite welding, laser remote welding and so on. As laser technology has become one of the main processing methods in modern automobile production. The advantages of welding technology, such as superiority, high efficiency and good flexibility, are embodied in automobile body panel processing
Flexible working platform
Three-dimensional construction, combined with multi-series, standardized, modular design, flexible selection of pore size, and according to customer’s requirement, with flexible fixture of three-dimensional flexible platform.
The special control system
By setting the welding technical processing parameters on the touch screen, saving the PLC control system, realizing the coordinated control laser and other branch systems, and monitoring the whole state of the work in real time, thus realizing the automatic operation.
Stable and reliable
It equipped with high precision robot, innovative optimization design, light and compact machine tool, the robot can always keep the highest acceleration while avoiding obstacles and tracking path, thus improving productivity and efficiency.

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Robot Sliding table
Laser power 2-10KW N/A
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm N/A
Axis 6 1
Payload 60Kg ≤2500Kg
Range N/A ±178°
Height N/A 800mm
Operating mode N/A Automation
Estação robotica de solda
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